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Who We Are

Since 1983, Heartside Ministry has worked to enrich and empower the people living in the shadow of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city. Heartside Neighbors* are often homeless, with little or no income, struggling with mental and physical disabilities or addiction. Poor in the things of this world but rich in the things of the spirit, they are brimming with talent, resolute in their faith--hopeful, caring, and deeply committed to the community they have found with one another. This ministry, with its many volunteers, donors and staff, has worked tirelessly to meet the unmet needs of the Neighbors with spiritual, emotional, and practical help through programs and direct service, as well as by steadfast advocacy for responsible social and economic change and expanded access to basic human services.

What We Do

We advocate publicly and privately on behalf of the marginalized people of the Heartside Neighborhood and others like them in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We provide programs that nurture and celebrate people's creativity and imangination through education, artistic expression, counseling, advocacy and worship. Offering many programs including AA, NA, Clean Works, Social Worker Advocacy, Computer Lab, GED/Adult Education Tutoring, and a full Art Studio & Gallery encompassing writing, drawing, painting, fiber arts, and pottery.


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