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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Who We Are

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is a non-profit agency that strives to enrich the lives of the Deaf and hard of hearing community by promoting equal communication, advocacy, social opportunities, community resources and education to all. This enables them to realize their full potential in society as productive, independent, capable, and contributing citizens. As the sole full-service agency for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities in West Michigan, we fill 3000+ interpreter assignments annually and provide further services through American Sign Language classes, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity training, equipment assistance, advocacy, as well as a children's educational resource program.

What We Do

Our Youth Program focuses on age 3 to 12, and grade 6 to 12, offering bi-monthly activities and summer camps for each group. The summer camps inspire Deaf and hard of hearing kids to establish a positive Deaf identity and learn how to demonstrate the knowledge, confidence and leadership to become contributing citizens in a diverse, technological and democratic society. The youth program also provides American Sign Language exposure, positive role models, self-confidence, education and resources for Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children and their families. They also learn what a diverse community is, and to be embraced by developing respect, acceptance of one’s self and others, and the acknowledgement for differences among human beings. Camp scholarships are available if needed. You may contact for more information. The Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) program assists families and individuals of all ages who need specialized equipment and tools to live with hearing loss. We provide consultation sessions, assistive equipment for home or work, presentations and referrals for organizations related to health care or hearing loss. For more information you may contact us at 616-732-7358 ext. 208. Educationally we provide American Sign Language classes to the community, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training (CAST), Interpreter Continuing Education workshops, Workshops for the Deaf and hard of hearing, and American Sign Language tutoring. The CAST program works with the public, businesses and other entities to enhance their understanding of how to better serve their Deaf and hard of hearing employees, customers or clients. We provide customized presentations, onsite training, and in-service workshops upon request at your location. D&HHS Interpreter Services coordinates professional American Sign Language interpreting services for West Michigan courts, hospitals, colleges, government agencies, and all types of businesses. All of our interpreters are state or nationally certified. Our staff makes it convenient for other organizations to comply with state and federal laws, guaranteeing equal access to Deaf and hard of hearing clients. Contact us at 616-732-7358 ext. 203 for more information about our services, fees, or to request an interpreter. Human Services strives to ensure American Sign Language Interpreting as needed, information for referral services, and a Resource Library of books, videotapes, DVD’s and magazines related to deafness, hearing loss and interpreting. This Library at D&HHS is one of the few resource libraries in West Michigan! Our Advocacy Services works with Deaf and hard of Hearing individuals to protect their rights under the American with Disabilities Act. We also help area businesses and organizations understand the ways they can enhance their services for their Deaf or hard of hearing employees, customers or clients.


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