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Designed Future is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes human progress through self-awareness and personal growth, empowering individuals to utilize the power of the mind as a pathway out of debilitating life circumstances and into a better way of life.We help rebuild lives by providing an atmosphere where the marginalized restore their sense of self-respect, trust, and hope; and find the confidence to discover their dreams and build strong futures.

Designed Future offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of debilitating life circumstances, marrying research-validated behavior interventions and strategies-from psychology, neuro-science, spirituality, and quantum mechanics to personalized coaching. Our program offerings foster personal growth through mental, emotional, and spiritual management.

You name it, we handle it: financial breakdowns, extended periods of unemployment, addiction, recovery, domestic abuse, parenting, relationships, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, employee disengagement, and overall dissatisfaction in life. Individuals begin to take charge of their lives and create new behaviors that produce positive and lasting results.

Designed Future is seeking knowledgeable grant writers (or exceptional writers) to join our team and become an integral part of expanding our reach to those who cannot help themselves. Your work will contribute to the funding, development and long-term sustainability of the programs and projects our nonprofit organization offers.

A Grant Writer is needed to research funding opportunities and craft written proposals. This position will involve obtaining an overview of our mission, core values, programs and long-term goals in order to facilitate the grant writing process.

Designed Future is looking for a Grant Writer that will write grants free of cost. If awarded the grant, the grant writer will be compensated.

* Preparation of proposals and grant applications in the areas related to the mission statement of Designed Future.

* Identify potential revenue sources and develop grant proposals for our services.

* Prepares grants and final report for foundation, corporate and government funders.

* Gathers and analyzes relevant internal data to support proposals and reports.

* Maintains and updates database, electronic files and paper files for institutional donors.

* Communicates with funders during the granting process to provide requested information.

This is an essential part of our operation, and we thank you for your interest in making a difference!


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