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Host a PAWS Mama or Papa Dog

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A Breeding Host helps PAWS breed puppies that will become future Assistance Dogs. A Breeding Host volunteers to house, train and care for a PAWS Mama or Papa Dog and makes it available to PAWS during breeding times. A Breeding Host also assists with whelping and raising litters until they are about 8 weeks old. PAWS is available to help every step of the way.
 Here’s a few things a prospective Breeding Host should know:

  • We do not require dog training experience, just a willingness to learn

  • You need to live in Michigan, within two hours of PAWS National Headquarters
 in Wayland, MI

  • You’ll have to attend monthly obedience classes at PAWS National Headquarters

  • You must follow veterinary guidelines
 set by PAWS

  • We’ll provide you with a team of support for hosting a Mama or Papa Dog

To complete an online application or find out when our next Breeding Host Home orientation is please refer to our website at


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