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Senior Odyssey of Michigan Leadership Team

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 We are looking for volunteers to help organize, launch and build the Senior Odyssey program in West Michigan

Senior Odyssey is based on Odyssey of the Mind, an international educational program that provides creative problem solving opportunities for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Now, imagine teams of adults over age 60 working together using a creative-thinking process to solve long-term problems and brain teasers.  Senior Odyssey takes this program with 35 years experience and combines it with a research program from University of Illinois, to engage adults over age 60 to maintain cognitive vitality.


 Skills needed:  If you have any of the following skills, we need YOU!


    1. Event organizing


    1. Marketing/promotions


    1. Resource development and allocation - help find local sponsors for the program


    1. Communications ambassador/media support - help us communicate with

                       the West Michigan community


    1. Recruitment - judges, volunteers, teams, etc.


    1. Enjoys working as part of a team


    1. Creativity and enthusiasm


    1. Planning and budgeting



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